Yakuza 0 Chapter 5 Walkthrough | An Honest Living


In Chapter 4 after saving the girl from Yakuza as Goro Majima you will continue playing as Kazuma Kiryu in Chapter 5 An Honest Living. In this part as Kiryu, you will play a short story where you will find the issues between Oda and Awano.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

An Honest Living Walkthrough

After completing this chapter in the end you can earn a Reward of 20,000,000 yen.

Buy Civilian Clothes:

Nishiki agrees to help Kiryu in finding an outfit so that he does not look like Yakuza. Follow the marker and Nishiki will pick a suit. Next, meet Oda. You have to go to Cafe Alps on Nakamichi Street. Oda will brief you about the meeting and he will give you a task. After that Oda will go to squatter’s location and he will tell you to pick up a gift box. Go to M Store Kamurocho in the northwest end of the city to get the item.

Buy the Confection Gift box, and meet Oda. Here he will tell the tenants that he wants to talk to real negotiation partners, as you go some Yakuza will arrive. Fight with them and then report Oda. On your way, you will hear Leisure King that he is about to put Yamanoi out of business. Continue to the bowling alley where you will find Yamanoi, and take him to Sugita building. Yamanoi will tell you that the Leisure King is a member of Five Billionaires, a very wealthy group who control property in Kamurocho. He will tell you that he wants to break the group and will need your help to do it. After the conversation, he will tell that he is going to tidy the place, till the time he does explore the area.

After some time you will get a pager message from Yamanoi, go to his office. You will meet Marina, who is an office secretary. This office will be your hideout and headquarters for your new business, you can carry on all business with the Real Estate have. You will get nest egg of 15,000,000 yen to build the business. Use the funds to buy Sukiyaki Muranaka on Tenhaikchi Street. Exit your office and then go around to fetch some more property. Buy the building which is at the corner and it will cost you 14,000,000 Yen, purchase it and return to your office. You can check your earning from the property.

Go To Reina:

Once you are done meet again with Oda, you will find Nishiki. You can sing some karaoke to pass time, next you will see Oda comes with Awano and his thugs. You will have to defeat the enemies and then Awano will approach you and tell you about meeting between him and Tachibana.

Once you return there will be one final cutscene and chapter An Honest Living ends. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Chapter 6: The Yakuza Way or you can also go through our Yakuza 0 wiki guide for more updates on the game.