Yakuza 0 Chapter 7 Walkthrough | A Dark Escape, Defeat Wen Hai Lee Boss


In Chapter 6 The Yakuza Way, Kiryu fought with Daisaku Kuze and in this chapter, you will play as Goro Majima. In this part, you will be running a club and you will also get a side mission where you can restore the glory of your club and make it popular. There is also a boss fight where you will fight with Lee-san the man who was trying to save Makimura.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 7 Walkthrough

A Dark Escape Walkthrough

You will become a club manager in this chapter and there is a small gameplay where you will also manage a club for an evening. You will earn 10,000,000 yen after completing this chapter.

Meet Lee-san:

As Goro Majima’s continuous with his story Makimura the girl he saved tells him that the man he fought in the massage parlor knows about the man with a bat tattoo. After getting shot Majima left him to bleed at the parlor. Next, he moves to find out what happens to him and bump into Yamagata, Majima’s rival. He agrees to look after Makimura.

Follow the marker that will lead you to Hogushi Kaikan Massage to know about Lee-san. Talk to the doctor, then go to Mahjong Jambalaya parlor. Talk to Lee, and after a while, the doctor will return back with some thug beat them. After the fight, Lee will tell you that the man with the bat tattoo is responsible for the girl’s blindness. Lee will ask Majima to join hands so that they can keep the blind girl safe.

Return to Makimura and to cheer her up you have to get some food. Go north to Magutako and purchase some Takoyaki. You can earn a Best Served Cold trophy if you wait 15 minutes. Go back to Makimura and talk to her. After the conversation, you will have to visit a cabaret club.

Grand Cabaret Club:

You will reach Sunshine Club and there you will find a hostess Yuki, she will tell you about the Five Stars of Sotenbori. This is a club of owners of top 5 cabaret club in the city. After awhile you will see an owner one of the Five Stars club member is harassing the manager. After talking to Yuki and Manager you will find that the Five Star club want their monopoly on the cabaret club business. As Majima you will now help Youda to restore his glory. Youda will take you to a back room which will become your new hideout. He will also appoint you as a new manager of Sunshine Club. He will teach you some basics of managing the club. Manage the club and then Hino will come up which will trigger Cabaret Club Czar side-mission. If you want you can play or to continue with the main story you have to meet the guest at Grand Cabaret.

Cabaret Club Czar side-mission: In this mission, you will overtake Cabaret Club from Five Stars of Sotenbori. You will have to target clubs that belong to the Five Star group to steal their business. It is a long mission.

Continuing with the main story at Grand Cabaret, some will call you on their table. Follow the waiter and he is a doctor who brings a message from Lee. As you exit you will have to fight with Yakuza who comes to steal Makimura. Fight with them and return to your apartment. You will meet Lee there who will talk about a plan to save the girl. There will be a fight with him.

Tips To Defeat Wen Hai Lee Boss Fight:

Similar to previous bosses this one has a huge bar with three stages in it. The first is yellow, second orange and then finally it will start depleting. Use the slugger fighting style here to defeat him you have to attack him continuously. Once you the yellow bar is over there will be a quick time event follow the on-screen instructions to complete it. He will be more aggressive and he will use power moves to bring you down. Dodge them and then attack. You will see his hands glowing when he attacks.

Once the fight is over Majima plans to leave Lee and Makimura, go to Grand Cabaret. Go up and you will get a message that Lee wants to meet you, go to a massage parlor. You will find that Makimura’s body double is dead and you will get a message from a mysterious man. There will be a cutscene, the chapter completes here. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 8 Tug of War or you can also check our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.