Yakuza 0: How To Disable First-Person Blur, Depth of Field And SSAO


The modder behind the Special-K mod for Neir Automata PC is back and this time around he brings his Special-K mod for the PC version of Yakuza 0. Players who have been looking a way out to disable the first-person blur, depth of field and SSAO in Yakuza 0 should just download and install this Special-K mod for Yakuza 0.

Yakuza 0 Special-K Mod From Kaldaien

Kaldaien made the announcement about the mod on Steam, and said: “This mini-plugin for Special K will improve image quality as well as adding all the bells and whistles that come with Special K.” The next version of Special-K mod will carry fix for the horrific bloom filter.

You guys can find the steps to download and install the mod below.

Yakuza 0 Special-K Mode Download and Install


The Visual C++ 2017 runtime[aka.ms] is a required pre-req.

  • Step 1: Grab this archive from GitHub.
  • Step 2: Extract it to your game’s install directory (SteamApps\common\Yakuza 0\media)

How To Configure Special-K Mod For Yakuza 0

  • Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to open Special K’s config menu, then focus on the options under the “Yakuza 0” heading.

How To Troubleshoot Special-K Mod for Yakuza 0

If the mod does not work, third-party software (especially FRAPS!), anti-virus software or Windows 7 is usually to blame.

If after closing third-party software the game still does not start, please paste logs/dinput8.log, logs/modules.log, and logs/game_output.log to “pastebin.com” and provide a link in a post (here).

You guys can check out Yakuza 0 PC Error guide which carries fix for Crash At Launch, Stuttering, Audio Bug, how to unlock Save Anywhere feature, and many other issues.

Source; Steam