Yakuza 0 Chapter 2 Walkthrough | Real Estate Broker In The Shadows, Defeat Jun Oda


In Chapter 1 Bound By Oath, Kiryu has broken his oath of being a Yakuza and now he is a civilian. As the Kiryu’s story continuous in Chapter 2 The Real Estate Broker In The Shadows you will meet a new character, Tachibana. You will make 3,000,000 yen at the end of this chapter.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The Real Estate Broker In The Shadows Walkthrough

The chapter starts after you meet Nishikiyam and fight with Mr.Shakedown. There is a little bit of investigation in this part of Yakuza 0.

Go To The Kazama Family Office:

Yakuza 0 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Once the cutscene is over, you have to meet Nishikiyama just follow the pin marker. There will be a convenience store in the way you can visit to refill your supplies. Next return to your apartment, on your way you will find Mr. Shakedown, he is a large man with whom you have to fight. You can find him randomly in the open world. If you lose fight against him he will take all your money, and if you defeat you will make some extra cash.

Tips To Defeat Mr.Shakedown:

Focus on the defense first, this is the first time you will fight with Mr.Shakedown and he will be tough to beat. The reason is that you won’t have many weapons and upgraded abilities. So focus on the defense side, he is slow dodge his attack move on the sides and then attacks. Mr. Shakedown will use brawler abilities, his attacks are slow but very powerful. He can knock you out in two punches. Just try to dodge his attacks first and once he stops attack him. That’s the key to bring him down.

Gather Info On Tachibana Real Estate:

Return to your apartment after dealing with Mr.Shakedown there will be a cutscene and your next objective is to learn more about Tachibana Real Estate. To begin your search go to Kamurocho. You will find a girl who is talking to a thug and then the aging foreigner Bacchus will appear. You will learn a new move here. You can then test out the move on a crowd of a thuggish coward. This will unlock Beast Style, you have to be near a large weapon marked by a blue arrow to trigger an auto weapon attack. Once the fight is over, run forward towards the 3-way intersection road. Listen to two men talking, one is having a ponytail (Yakuza) and another one is a hotel manager. Fight with the Yakuza and talk to the manager. He will tell you about an old cafe follow the marker. There will be a few addicts around enter through the stairs and talk to the tenant near the door. There will be a lot of conversation here, Oda will enter and will tell the owner to leave the property. In the end, Kiryu will talk to a homeless man who will tell him about Tachibana.

Find The Homeless Men:

To locate the homeless man follow the marker, and you will find two people talking. You will get another marker after this that will take you a group of homeless men’s just talk to them. Talk to every man separately and take their boozer order and then go to a convenience store to buy it. Here you can earn Rich Taste Trophy, all you have to do is buy Gold Champagne that will cost 20,000 and return it to the man who asked it. Below is the list of drinks and locations.

  • Poppo Tenkaichi St. Shop – Beer
  • Poppo Tenkaichi St. Shop – Sweet Potato Shochu
  • Poppo Showa St. Shop – Scotch Whisky
  • M Store Kamurocho Shop – Sake
  • Don Quijote Kamurocho Shop – Champagne

Carry the drink to the group of homeless men and get information. You will get the next location Champion District where you can find Tachibana boys. Follow the marker, you will reach an alley go right and look on the ground for Reika Aiba Type A Card. Next, defeat the guys until Oda shows up. This will trigger Jun Oda boss fight.

How To Defeat Jun Oda – Boss Fight

Once you defeat the guys in the ally Oda will call his boss who wants to meet you and you get a new location. There a group of Tachibana employees will be prepared to attack you, defeat them and enter the penthouse to fight with Oda. Use the new Beast Style to defeat Oda, all you need is move to close the furniture and use it to cause high damage. Once you had done defeating Oda, Tachibana will appear, and there will be a cutscene. You will learn about his intention against Yakuza and how Kazama is connected with him.

The chapter ends with the cutscene, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 3 A Gilded Cage or you can also go through Yakuza 0 wiki for more updates on the game.