Yakuza 0 Chapter 6 Walkthrough | The Yakuza Way


Kazuma Kiryu continues from the previous chapter An Honest Living where in this chapter you will be doing a lot of battle. There will be many Yakuza men’s stopping and there will be some fight with time limits. In the end, you will face the boss Kuze whom you fought before.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

The Yakuza Way Walkthrough

In this chapter, you will face Kuze once again as the main boss and this time he has an advantage. You will earn 30,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To The Empty Slot:

Follow the marker to reach the empty slot. There you will meet Tachibana. He will tell you that he is located the owner of the slot and will tell Kiryu to keep quiet until he tracks the owner. After talking you have to return to your apartment and in between, you will meet a man you will teach you Cash Confetti. It is an ability by which you can throw money while walking on the street to avoid an unnecessary fight. He will tell you about Theater Square where you can make big money. You can visit the location.

By visiting the location you can trigger Substory 18: Beyond the Door where after reaching the location go downstairs. Perform Cash Confetti action to go inside. You will see Japan Catfight Club for the first time, the doorman will return 10,000 yen.

Before returning back to your apartment visit a convenience store and stock up all the health items. Because once you enter you cannot buy them. There is a boss fight coming in the end of this chapter so you will need a lot of them. There will be a cutscene where you will see Kuze has sent all Dojima clan after you.

You will be on the street after the cutscene, walk towards crossroads, then take left, until you reach a group of Yakuza blocking your way. Turn right and go down there you will be ambushed by Yakuza. Fight with these guys and then follow the pink marker. More Yakuza will ambush you, this will trigger a quick time event where you have to defeat them in 2 minutes. Once done continue following the pink marker and fight with another group there. The next target is to beat them in 60 seconds.

Keep moving and you will have to face a wave of enemies and you have 30 seconds to beat them. Try using a Rush fighting style which saves a lot of your time. Once done go the next section and you will have a fight with 30 seconds timer.

Use Beast fighting style here, you can pick-up different objects and beat the guys. Once done you will reach a circle where you will find 10 Yakuza, fight them off. Once done with fighting, a stripper will offer you a secret passage through the club, before leaving the passage look for Stamina X and Toughness ZZ. Walk through the sewers and you will spot Kuze. This will trigger Kuze Boss Fight.

Tips to Defeat Daisaku Kuze – Boss Fight

You will be dealing with Kuze for the second time. He will bring two new attacks this time, first is he will wind up and launch a large uppercut, if you get caught in this you will lose a huge amount of health. Second, he unleash three sweeping attacks on you, you have to dodge this two attacks at all cost.

Try both Rush and Brawler skills here, try attacking him from the sides. If he blocks your attack then you can use Brawler skills, you can punch through this blocks if you are able to complete full combos. You have to keep fighting until his health is down. This fight will be long Kuze has a pretty good health bar. And he has a rod in his hand now, so he has an advantage of hitting you hard from a range. Once he raises his bar to hit you stay away from him.

Once done in the next cutscene you will see Owana who will offer you to join him or die. Nishiki will arrive as you leave and ask you enter his car, he will take you to nowhere. He will try to shoot Kiryu but he won’t. The chapter ends with the conversation. You can read our walkthrough on the next Chapter 7: A Dark Escape and with that, you can also check our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.