Yakuza 0 Chapter 8 Walkthrough | Tug Of War, Defeat Homare Nishitani Boss


After fighting with Lee-san and defeating in Chapter 7 A Dark Escape, Goro Majima story continues in Chapter 8 Tug of War where he fights with Homare Nishitani a boss in the game. There is also a stealth mission where you have to safely escort Makimura from thugs.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Tug Of War Walkthrough

In this short chapter, there is one boss fight and a stealth mission. In the end, you will earn 15,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To The Grand Cabaret:

After talking with Lee go to Grand Cabaret and there you will meet Nishitani. He is the leader of Kijin Clan. After a short conversation, there will be a fight between you and him.

Tips To Defeat Homare Nishitani:

Trying Slugger style on him will be helpful. You will see the health bar on the right bottom of the screen. This fight is different compared to the previous boss fight. You have to keep him off balance to cause maximum damage. And try to dodge the heat attacks, you have to avoid his combos that can eat a large chunk of your health. Nishitani will try to trick you by falling on the ground and doing nothing, if you go near he will release a set of combos on you. There will be a event where you have to take the knife first, just press the keys you see on screen. He can also dodge your attack easily. This makes him a pretty strong target, because he can easily slip away from your combos. The best way to attack him is to target him from the backside and push him to the corner. Once you are done defeating Nishitani go to your office and meet Sagawa. Exit the club and you will meet the Chinese doctor who will ask you to break painkillers for Lee.

Go To Odyssey Warehouse:

Go the warehouse, on your way you will have to fight with Mr. Moneybags. You will learn Cash Confetti ability from him. Go to the warehouse and meet Lee and Makota. The Chinese Doctor will come with some thugs, fight with them. The next job is to escort Makota out of the city.

Go To Hogushi Kaiken Massage:

Once you reach the location fight with the thugs here and protect Makota. The enemies will attack her, keep a watch on his health bar. Next, you have to quietly pass the area using the hiding spots. You have to avoid the patrol group at all cost, as you see the patrol group pass away to use the hiding spot to move. There will be many groups here. So you have to watch and go. Once you are on the first street just walk towards the furthest hiding spot. Then go left down the alley there will be two hiding spots, just use them to let the patrol pass. Once you are out of the sight move. There will be a single member around whom you will attack from the backside.

Keep going down to the alley and when you are around the next corner, there will be a quiet time event. After sometime Lee arrives and as he starts his car it will explode. In the next scene, you will see Sagawa, a mysterious will kill Sagawa and knows you down. He will take Makimura. This completes Chapter 8 Tug of War, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 9 Ensnared, or you can also read our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.