Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: All Tonics Locations


Tonics are one of the interesting features that help spice the game up. Some are cosmetic, while others make the game more or less difficult (with an equal and opposite effect on your Quill gain in levels) and can be found throughout the overworld as rewards for exploring and unlocking new areas. While some are easy to find, others are more difficult; as a result, this guide is a work in progress.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: All Tonics Locations

1.) Catchee: Given to you for free by Vendi after speaking to her for the first time.

2.) Thick Skin: In the forest northwest of chapter 6, in an alcove inside a “hidden” path through some trees.

3.) More Checkmates: Underground, near the sign south of Vendi. Use the nearby bomb bush to reveal the entrance, then another to blow up the rock on the ledge. It’s inside.

4.) Less Checkmates: Roll against the wall inside the shipwreck; it will drop from a shelf.

5.) Ticktockticktock!: Available after saving all the bees by climbing the tents that pop up.

6.) Tick…Tock: Back at the entrance to the Impossible Lair, climb the bee tents to the ledge above, and follow the path north. Only available after collecting a certain number of the Beetallion.

7.) Slo-Mo: To the left of the lake is a Pagie sitting on a tree trunk. Completing its challenge opens a path, leading directly to this Tonic.

8.) Tri-Twirl: Rehydrate all the flowers in the area after chapter 3. Go back to chapter 3 entrance and head straight north. Follow the path left, then south, and drop down on the ledge to the right.

9.) Super Buddy Slam: After unlocking the fourth switch in the castle/fort area near Tri-Twirl, the Tonic will drop from the ceiling.

10.) Super Sonar: In the adjoining area between the fort and wind tunnel areas (around chapter 8, where the three blue gremlins run around) Buddy Slam in front of the cage; a key pops right out, allowing you to open the cage with your prize inside.

11.) Tough Twirl: Buddy Slam a hole in the ground northeast of the lighthouse area, inside a cave.

12.) Torpedo: Fill the river bed and bomb the sandcastle in the section of the overworld where you unlock the State Changes for chapters 15 and 16. Go south and Buddy Stomp near a patch of sand. Getting the hint from the sign revealed by the bombing can tell you exactly where if you’re having trouble.

13.) Googly Eyes: Near the river gate around chapter 5 (Gasping Glade).

14.) Broken Controller: Inside Rampo’s mouth after bombing his teeth to release the water flow for chapter 5’s State Change.

15.) Run Faster: Position the lake crate underneath the waterfall near Nimbo, then freeze him. It’s inside the now accessible cave, up some bouncy flowers.

16.) Run Even Faster: At the west most wall of the secret area is a false wall with a berry bush nearby; blow it up, and the Tonic is inside.

17.) Roll Faster: Unfreeze the lake and enter the waterfall. Kill all enemies inside to unlock the cage.

18.) Roll Even Faster: To the far east of the secret area, Buddy Slam the ground to reveal a hidden bomb bush and us eit to enter the nearby alcove. Simply move the crate inside to access the Tonic.

19.) Spider-Cham: Grab the bomb berry from the ledge south of the Tick…Tock Tonic and throw it at the destructible block directly above the book for chapter 2. The Tonic is sitting on the floor inside, along with one of the switches necessary to get Super Buddy Slam.

20.) H2Go: One of the later Pagie challenges unlocks a switch, which gives you access to a chapter. To he right is a new area with a bomb bush, and some destructible blocks preventing you from proceeding; the Tonic is below.

21.) Snow Problem: Water the scorch berry bush near Nimbo and use it to destroy the brambles nearby. Enter the now accessible area, and smack the switch (one of the four you need for Super Buddy Slam).

22.) Sounds Like Secrets: Proceed as you would to unlock the State Change for chapter 10 (linked above). It is on a shelf up the chimney.

23.) Secret Sonar: Near the oasis in the desert area, Buddy Slam a triangle of rocks multiple times. A series of ledges will lower, allowing access to the Tonic.

24.) T.W.I.T. Coin Banker: Near Vendi after the first Pagie challenge.

25.) Quill Banker: Buddy Slam the first honeycomb next to Queen Phoebee.

26.) Quill Magnet: Have the cannon shoot the bridge near Shipwreck Creek, then Buddy Stomp, the now lowered bridge.

27.) Quillsplosion: Water the plant north of chapter 11’s entrance. The tonic will pop out of it. You will need to move quickly, and it helps to reverse the conveyor belt first.

28.) Flower Hour: In the location, you picked up Super Sonar, head down the bottom entrance on the west side. Push the block around as you would to get the second fan part for Fannee, but proceed up the “staircase” slightly to the north and head south. It is below (clearly visible from the time you enter the area).

29.) 4th Tonic Ssslot!: Pay Trowzer 30 T.W.I.T coins for the privilege.

30.) Res Colours: Use the swings as you would to unlock chapter 10’s State Change. It’s on the right side of the area.

31.) Res Resolution: Same as above, but on the left.

32.) GB Colours: Smack the wheel of the shipwreck in Shipwreck Creek, then proceed across the new platform.

33.) GB Resolution: Buddy Slam the towels in Shipwreck Creek.

34.) VHS: In the second half of the swing area, that has Res Colours and Resolution in it. Gain momentum on the swing, then roll-jump.

35.) Derrorim: Right of the shipwreck in Shipwreck Creek is a building; inside is Dr. Puzz, and the Tonic is to her right.

36.) Upside Down: In the talking pumpkin head guy’s fort, near the entrance to chapter 7. Just roll into the wall, and it comes off the shelf. The sign here gives a clue for retrieving Super Sonar above.

37.) Painted: Underwater near the lighthouse.

38.) Felt Tip Outline: Buddy slam the shadow of the flag closest to the lake in the area with Nimbo.

39.) Rainbows: In the area with the tree trunk bridge (created by the nearby Pagie challenge) is a stump you can drag around. Drag it into the conspicuous hole nearby and hop up!

40.) Dot Matrix: Enter the area the fisherman was blocking after talking to him. After you exit the area, jump in the water and swim to the bottom to get the Tonic.

41.) Comic: Near the center of the desert area is a conspicuous area clearly visible with the Tonic inside, but no visible way of entry. Dragging a pipe over to it will let you hop up into the cleverly hidden passage on its side.

42.) Gritty Comic: West of Nimbo, Buddy Slam the furthest post on the wooden fence.

43.) Shadow Stingdom: Go south form the talking pumpkin head guy’s fort. Follow the path until you see a treasure chest hidden to your left; there is a hidden gap in the trees that puts you inside. At the end of the trail just south of this chest Buddy Stomp and the Tonic will pop out. Requires you to have free reign of the forest area (beat Pagie challenge, solve progression puzzles, etc.).

44.) Spotlight: Buddy Slam the circle of light in front of the first door where Trwozer’s house used to be.

45.) Yooge Head: Buddy Slam a fern south of Vendi.

46.) Yooman: Directly left of the chapter 6 book, under the bridge. You can see smoke from it clipping through the ground above the area, though it is not immediately apparent that this is due to a Tonic.

47.) No Tailee: Buddy Slam the top left corner of the desert area (the part with the spinny device you use for the pipe ‘puzzle’).

48.) Cartoony: Buddy slam the moving dunes in the lighthouse to reveal a Pagie. Complete its challenge, and the nearby dock will lift. Save the shopping cart form the sharks at the end of the pier by throwing stuff at them, and you will receive a Tonic.

49.) Shadow Puppets: Roll into the tree to teh side of the path leading into the desert area (just before the Paywall).

50.) Golden Try: Awarded for beating the Impossible Lair without the benefit of the Beetalion (or perhaps at a low threshold/minimum number of bees used). H/T Horheristo, who managed it.

51.) Chameleon Colors: East of chapter 14 are some stairs, followed by a bridge. Hit the switch on the bridge and jump down the resulting hole. Solve the simple bomb puzzle inside and drag the crates to lower the Tonic.

52.) Blockbuster Film: On the ledge that unlocks the chapter 3 State Change, Buddy Slam off the right side of the ledge next to the sign.

53.) Arthouse Film: Buddy Slam the moving bit of ground next to the ice berry bush beside Nimbo.

54.) Saturated Film: Buddy Slam the ground below the vine to the eastern end of the second desert area.

55.) Gritty Film: Buddy Slam the rightmost platform in the cave in the second half of the desert area (where the sign that gives you the clue to the Saturated Film Tonic above is).

56.) Vintage Film: Buddy Slam the north-most fan in the fan area near chapter 8.

57.) Sepia Film: Buddy Slam the moving dirt next to the talking wind pipe immediately after entering the area.

58.) Black & White Film: Hop up the tree trunks after finishing chapter 7.

59.) Noir Film: to the southern part of the original map you end up on (south of Vendi) is a crate; push it next to the suspicious-looking hole in the wall, then reverse the water flow at the switch next to chapter 2. Go back down there, enter the hole, and proceed through the resulting cave. You will arrive in Shipwreck Creek, and the Tonic is immediate to the south, an easy jump away after pushing a crate.

60.) Negative Film: In the bottom left-hand corner of the secret area; you need to stop the cart first.

61.) Cinematic Ratio: In the vicinity of chapter 5’s book. Follow the clues given by the sign to the left.

62.) TV Ratio: Buddy Slam the ground directly behind the sign in Shipwreck Creek. He bamboozles you out of 50 quills.