Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Turbo Duel Grand Prix event (March 2021): How it works and all rewards

Get ready to Turbo Duel!

On March 9, Konami launched a new dueling spectacle after the conclusion of the Antinomy unlock event that had been ongoing for almost two weeks. This one, entitled Turbo Duel GP, takes players away from traditional PvP duels and into the world of Turbo Dueling. So, how does this event work? Let’s go over what you need to know and the rewards you can pick up from this event.

How the Turbo Duel GP event works

To access the Turbo Duel GP, you’ll need to select the Turbo Duel event icon that can be found in the middle of each area. This event is a PvP event, so make sure to have a strong and stable internet connection if you plan on participating.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Now, because this a Turbo Duel event, it shouldn’t be a shock that it would have a bit of a 5D’s flair to it. For this event, only 5D’s characters can be used. Keep this in mind, as if you enter the event at any time, the character and deck you have set for 5D’s world will be the one you will use in-game.

The goal of this event is rather simple: duel and receive rewards. Players will receive Lottery Coins upon completing each duel. Wins will yield more Coins, while losses will yield less. Coins can be used at the Card Lottery, which can be found by selecting the icon on the bottom-left side of the Turbo Duel GP home screen.

Each Duel Links player will be part of a grade. The lowest grade is Beginner, while the highest is Master. Each grade also has several tiers. Here’s what you need to do to move up each part of the grade ladder:

  • Beginner 3 – Lowest tier
  • Beginner 2 – Play 1 Turbo Duel (no surrenders are counted for any tier)
  • Beginner 1 – Play 1 Turbo Duel
  • Standard 5 – Win 1 Turbo Duel
  • Standard 4 – Play 1 Turbo Duel
  • Standard 3 – Play 2 Turbo Duels
  • Standard 2 – Win 1 Turbo Duel
  • Standard 1 – Win 1 Turbo Duel
  • Elite 5 – Win 2 Turbo Duels
  • Elite 4 – Win 1 Turbo Duel
  • Elite 3 – Win 2 Turbo Duels
  • Elite 2 – Win 2 Turbo Duels
  • Elite 1 – Win 2 Turbo Duels
  • Master – Will be unlocked on March 11 at 00:00

To maximize your chances of getting through this event quickly, make sure to equip a powerful deck, as well as a useful EX Skill that can assist with your dueling skills. Remember, EX Skills, once you have enough counters, can be activated and have an effect, depending on the number of counters, on the field, or your hand.

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All rewards for Turbo Duel GP

These are the rewards that you can pick up for reaching each tier:

  • Beginner 3 – None
  • Beginner 2 – 30 Gems
  • Beginner 1 – Turbo Duel GP sleeves
  • Standard 5 – 50 Gems
  • Standard 4 – 40 Gems
  • Standard 3 – 10 Skill Chips
  • Standard 2 – 40 Gems
  • Standard 1 – Turbo Duel GP mat
  • Elite 5 – 80 Gems
  • Elite 4 – 50 Gems
  • Elite 3 – 10 Skill Chips
  • Elite 2 – 50 Gems
  • Elite 1 – Turbo Duels icon
  • Master – Will be unlocked on March 11 at 00:00

We should also note that for each day the event goes on, Duel Links players can pick up 50 Gems just for playing three games within the event, and without surrendering. These Gems become available at 00:00 on each day of the event.

Additionally, these UR and SR cards can be obtained at random via the Card Lotter:

  • UR – Tomato King (Xyz monster)
  • UR – Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste (Fusion monster)
  • SR – Archfiend Interceptor
  • SR – Tomato in Tomato
  • SR – Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
  • SR – Total Defense Shogun

This event ends at 00:59 on March 18.