Possible Fix For Watch Dogs Lost Weapons/Skills Bug on PS4, PS Plus Needed

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs players are battling with a game breaking bug/glitch, where all their progress is lost including weapons, skills and hacking abilities. This has been a widespread issue and Ubisoft Montreal has not been able to fix it backend. The studio has acknowledged the issue and has promised to release a patch soon.

Watch Dogs

One Reddit user has discovered a possible fix for this Lost Save Progress bug in Watch Dogs on Playstation 4. It involves uploading and downloading files to cloud and hence Playstation Plus subscription is required.

Read the guide below, it may work out for you as well.

Step 1: Save your bug-ridden WD files to USB (just as a last resort), or whatever is appropriate for you.
Step 2: With the "save data failed to upload to online storage" issue that is plaguing many PS4 users (All PS4 users? Forgive my ignorance; it hasn't bothered me enough to read into it.), your previous WD progress prior to the bug probably failed to upload to the online storage.
Step 3: Go to notifications, uploads, and find the most recent WD saved data prior to when you encountered the bug. Manually upload this to online storage. It may say something regarding another PS4; I just accepted the message and moved on.
Step 4: Go to Application Save Data Management > System Storage and then delete your afflicted WD files (I deleted Save Game and Profile Data, for good measure.)
Step 5: Go back a screen, and then select Saved Data in Online Storage, and you should now be able to download the non-bugged files you saved in step three back onto your PS4, effectively replacing the bad files.
Step 6: Load up WD, and you should be right back where you were (perhaps back a mission or so, if you didn't save very often!) prior to losing your weapons and such.

Tell us in the comment section below whether above guide worked for you.

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