Quantum Break Windows 10 PC Version To Be Fixed Soon: Remedy

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a huge mess on Windows 10 PC, currently, despite Remedy having a long experience when it comes to developing titles for that platform. Anyway, things are going to be much better soon, according to the Finnish software house.

Quantum Break

"We are monitoring the discussion and what is going on. I had written a longer response, but it's just gonna be misunderstood etc, so what I will say is that, rest assured, lot of of work went into the Win10 version and we are looking at the reactions now as well as potential issues." PR manager Thomas Puha said on NeoGaf, in a thread where players were making it clear they are not satisfied with the outcome of Quantum Break on PC.

We don't know what Remedy is currently work on but a patch should definitely fix frame rate, which is said to be unstable even on the most performing machines out there, and add features, like an exit button in the main menu (which is incredibly missing as of now).

Quantum Break released on April 5 for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.


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