God of War PS4 Patch 1.10 Changelog, Weighs In At More Than 6GB

God of War isn't available yet as it'll unlock in a few hours on PS4, more precisely on April 20, but the game has already received a few patches that have brought it as up as the 1.10 patch.

This version of the title has been made available now and is supposed to be the one accompanying the final launch of the PlayStation 4 exclusive action adventure by Santa Monica Studio.

God of War PS4 Patch 1.10 Changelog

According to the changelog, the update features "various bug fixes and improvements" on top of "showing speaker names in front of subtitles for additional context."

God of War Patch 1.10 Changelog (PS4)

  • Showing speaker names in front of subtitles for additional context
  • General economy balance and tuning
  • Enemy difficulty tuning
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

The patch also introduces "general economy balance and tuning", with a reference to the internal stops where we'll be able to purchase Kratos' updates, and "enemy difficulty tuning."

Version 1.10 weighs in at around 6.15GB. Overall, the updates required to be installed upon day one come in at around 7.4GB, as the first was around 1.2GB. So you might be willing to put the disc in as soon as you have it in order not to waste any time while trying to play the game.

For more details about the title's development, you can check our video below with the 5 things you don't know about God of War.

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