God of War PS4 Exact Unlock Time Revealed

Sony has provided few details about God of War pre-load, giving the first glimpses at how and when we'll be able to play the game in case we have it pre-ordered on PlayStation Store and only need to kick off the download.

As said, these are only the first glimpses of the bigger picture. We know that pre-load starts today, April 17, according to the United States PlayStation Network, but we're not given any more details about the precise hour in the day.

God of War PS4 Pre-load And Unlock Time

Talking about when we'll be given the good-to-go in the game, based on information coming from PlayStation Network, players on the West Coast will be free to start on April 19, at 9.00pm. The date is the same for European and Australian users, although the time has yet to be confirmed.

So this is it. Of course, we'll update you as soon as more information about the matter arise, and consider that might be coming in a few hours based on the fact that the North American PlayStation Network will let people pre-load the game as early as today.

God of War is officially hitting the store shelves on April 20.

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