Detroit: Become Human Will Take 25-30 Hours To Complete, Difficulty Levels Explained

Detroit: Become Human demo is now available on PlayStation Store for you to give the first mission in the game, the one where you're required to save a hostage playing the android cop Connor, a proper try before the full title releases.

Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Length Revealed

Interestingly, Quantic Dream has been hosting press events during the last few days around the world and in one of these has provided few details about the full game and its expected playtime once all the missions will be together in the same place.

Deutsche website PlayFront reports to have received confirmation from QD's COO Guillaume de Fondamiere that the game will take around 25 to 30 hours to complete the main story, based on the different playstyle you'll adopt while playing.

The French developer explains that after you've played a scene there will be a screen showcasing you all the different approaches and ways that you could've used in order to complete the mission. So there'll be a lot of paths and, similarly to Heavy Rain, each will lead to a different ending.

The game's also featuring two different levels of difficulty:

  • Casual is a story focused difficulty with simple controls that are much more forgiving. In the Casual difficulty, there are fewer chances to lose a character due to decisions made.
  • Experienced has far more immersive gameplay with advanced controls that players of Quantic Dream games will be used to. It's a fair challenge, and mistakes can easily mean losing characters.

Detroit: Become Human releases on May 25.

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