Detroit: Become Human Sequel Not Ruled Out Yet, But It'll Be It Or DLC

Detroit Become Human 2 Not Ruled Out - Developer

During a Reddit AMA with the fans, Quantic Dream's David Cage has discussed the chance of building a sequel to Detroit: Become Human since it has been much appreciated in terms of critics and sales.

"We will work on a sequel if we feel we have ideas, passion, and excitement to do it, and if we feel we have something more to say about this world," Cage told Reddit.

Detroit Become Human 2 Not Ruled Out - Developer

"We are driven by passion more than anything, although it is not always something reasonable… but we enjoyed working on Detroit a lot, and there are many exciting stories that could be told in this world for sure."

Anyway, he mentioned that doing a sequel could be alternative to DLC. It's whether additional content to the existing game or a sequel, basically, so it'll depend also on what the community really wants from the studio.

Detroit: Become Human was launched in May and quickly sold 1 million units, so it's clear that a sequel is not ruled out yet. Anyway, despite the success, a Heavy Rain follow up wasn't built so it's not a given neither.

Source: Reddit

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