A French streamer has brought Yu-Gi-Oh monsters to life with an impressive AR setup

It’s time to duel.

Image via Bandai.

A French Yu-Gi-Oh Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator named SuperZouloux just brought every duel monsters fan’s childhood dreams to life. In his recently released video simply entitled, “Every yugioh fan needs this”, he showed his viewers the secret project he had been working on for seven months which involved creating augmented reality projections of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters.

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This was made possible through a self-designed mat that recognizes every card that’s placed on it. The mat is connected to a number of different applications which enables everything to work in real-time without the need for additional support. 

This allowed SuperZouloux to place down cards which, in turn, display 3D models of the creatures they contain. The mat also serves as an ‘assistant director’ that routinely shows the cards placed on the screen and also automatically changes to a front view whenever a card is placed down, giving the spectator a better look at the character model.

He also noted that an automatic and manual mode had been included through the use of a foot pedal provided to him by Elgato. This was added to ensure that he could continue playing hands-free and so that his streams would still run smoothly in the event that too many monsters were to be summoned on the mat at one time.

Toward the latter part of the video, he also explained the process of how the mat and the models were created. The AR versions of the monsters were made through the use of the Unreal Engine graphics software application. He also sought out help from French YouTubers Sutivu and Neodymium for the coding and electronic aspects required to make the mat fully functional. 

Although this is an incredible breakthrough for the Yu-Gi-Oh community, SuperZouloux stated that he plans on only streaming it once a month for now due to the incredible amount of work that it takes to set everything up.