A hungry Ultra Beast arrives to Pokémon Go’s November update, and Team Rocket make their move

How hungry are you for November?

Image via Niantic

The November update for Pokémon Go has been announced by Niantic, providing a small glimpse of what to expect from the mobile game for the final month of the Season of Light. There are a handful of events to look forward to within the next few weeks, along with the arrival of the hungry Ultra Beasts, Guzzlord, and it looks like Team Rocket will be making a brief appearance for a weekend.

Guzzlord will begin to appear in five-star raids on November 8. This will be the Pokémon’s first appearance, giving trainers plenty of opportunities to capture it throughout November. However, it will return to the shadows starting on November 23 and be replaced by Nihilego, the first Ultra Beast appearing in Pokémon Go.

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The Día de Muertos event will be from November 1 to 2, followed by Dratini’s Community Day Classic event on November 5. Following that is Greedy Gluttons, which features Guzzlord’s arrival, and there will be a Team Go Rocket takeover from November 14 to 17. We do not know if Giovanni will be making an appearance during this time, but if he does, he will likely have a new shadow Pokémon captured that players can rescue.

The final events in November include more Elite Raids starting on November 13, the Safari Zone: Singapore event from November 18 to 20, the Astral Eclipse event from November 23 to 28, and a final, unnamed event on November 27, which will likely wrap up the Season of Light Special Research featuring Cosmog.

The month will also feature a fresh round of Spotlight Hour Pokémon, featuring Duskull wearing a cempasúchill crown on November 1, Croagunk on November 8, Porygon on November 15, Petilli on November 22, and Hoothoot on November 29.

November looks to be relatively busy for Pokémon Go players. We’re keen to see what Pokémon will be featured in the limited-time Elite Raid. We’re curious how Niantic implements the Cosmog evolution system, as players will be torn between evolving their Cosmog to Solgaleo or Lunala.