A new game in the Subnautica franchise is in development

Go even deeper under the sea.

via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Three years after Subnautica: Below Zero’s early access release, developer Unknown Worlds has announced a new entry in the deep sea diving series. While the developer has dabbled with other types of experiences, notably Natural Selection, Subnautica is continuing the momentum that’s been going strong for years.

The developer, which was acquired by Krafton Inc. late last year, posted a link to a series of job listings on Twitter seeking new roles for the, “next game in the Subnautica universe.” While not much was officially announced outside of the title’s early development, we can gather some additional information from the job listings on the developer’s official website.

Unknown Worlds is currently seeking a graphics engineer, quality assurance lead, senior 3D environment artist, senior narrative designer, senior systems programmer, and senior technical artist. The graphics engineer listing makes note of delivering, “high quality visuals and exceptional graphics performance across multiple platforms.”

Underneath the listing, experience with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch were noted as preferences. Additionally, the team is also looking for people with mobile and handheld experience. In fact, most of the other positions mention something about mobile development experience as a preference. While a multiplatform console launch was to be expected, this would mark the first official mobile iteration of Subnautica.