A new NintendoVS US Challenge Cup Fall tournament will be available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online

Winners will receive extravagant prizes, including a Super Smash Bros. Jacket.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pyra Mythra

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo of America has officially announced a new NintendoVS US Challenge Cup for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The NintendoVS US Challenge Cup Fall event will be split between two different tournaments, which will be played via Nintendo Switch Online. The first event will happen on November 6, and the second one will start on November 20. Both tournaments will begin at 3 PM PT and end at 6 PM PT on their respective days.

The events are only eligible for residents of the 50 United States and Washington DC. Anyone 13 years old and older can enter, but anyone under 18 must receive consent from a parent or legal guardian. Participants will also need a Nintendo Switch, a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a membership to Nintendo Switch Online, and a decent connection to reliable high-speed internet. There is no fee for entering the tournaments though.

To enter either of the tournaments, participants will need to be connected to Nintendo Switch Online. On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, players will need to go to the Online selection on the main menu. From there they will need to hit Smash and then head to the Official Tourney Qualifiers. A message will then pop up to review the tournament rules, and then participants will need to select “Yes” to enter.

The structure of both tournaments will be a one versus one match with two stocks and a time limit of five minutes. The FS Meter will be on and items will be turned to low. Only Omega and Battlefield Stages will be selected and it will be random which stage is chosen. Stage Hazards will also be off. The winners of the tournaments will be determined by a ranking system based on the Tourney Score participants will earn during the course of the event. Winners will be notified around November 27 with the email associated with their Nintendo Account, and they will have up to five days to respond.

Both tournaments will have two Grand Prize winners, two First Prize winners, and four Second Prize Winners for a total of 16 winners. All winners will receive a Nintendo Switch Carrying Case, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pin Set, a NintendoVS Badge, and a NintendoVs Lanyard. Grand Prize Winners will receive 10,000 My Nintendo Gold Points, a NintendoVS US Challenge Cup Fall 2021 Trophy, a backpack, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Jacket. First Prize Winners will receive 7,500 My Nintendo Gold Points, while Second Prize Winners will only gain 5,000 My Nintendo Gold Points.

With the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be revealed in the last Sakurai Presents on October 5, the NintendoVS US Challenge Cup Fall tournament will feature the full completed roster of the game.