A supply bin glitch is netting players some extra loot in Apex Legends

Try taking advantage before the glitch is patched.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a new glitch that resupplies already open bins. In Apex Legends, players find weapons on the ground or in specially marked containers scattered throughout the map. Usually, bins become empty once players loot everything inside, but some gamers have discovered a way to re-close particular bins. Re-closing the containers will sometimes respawn new loot inside.

Players like Skeptation on YouTube discovered they could stand on top of already opened bins. Standing on top of bins when they’re being open will make them close a short time after. However, Skeptation found this is only possible with bins backed against a wall. The re-closing of the bin will also not fully resupply the container and will only spawn a single gun. Skeptation even points out in their video that the glitch isn’t consistent, and sometimes nothing respawns within the bin.

Despite the glitch’s inconsistencies, if players can somewhat reliably pull off this glitch, it can be a good tool to have in matches. Players are often dealt with unfair hands and can’t find any weapons at the start of a match. That would put players at a disadvantage against others who are more fortunate. But if a player can find one blue bin backed against a wall, they can potentially turn things around and spawn more weapons for them to use.

With that said, this glitch will most likely not last in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment will likely patch the glitch soon, especially since it is getting headway within the community. If you haven’t taken advantage of this glitch yet, you better hurry before it is fixed in a potential upcoming update. The bin glitch isn’t the only odd glitch in the game either. Another glitch allows players to combine different Legends’ abilities, though that glitch can only happen randomly.