An Apex Legends bug is combining different Legends’ abilities, with fun results

It’s a real Freaky Friday situation.

Image via EA

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted released this week and seems to have brought more with it than a new playable character and content updates. Players are reporting that the game is randomly giving their chosen character the abilities of other random players. For example, in the image below we can see Pathfinder using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift ultimate.

Image via Lone on YouTube

Other cases that have been discovered are Newcastle playing like Gibraltar and Ash getting Loba’s teleportation bracelet. Everything seems to be running just fine when the players use these abilities, even down to their character using the proper animation that the original person would use. The game seems to be doing a weird palette swap with its characters randomly when you choose at the beginning of the game. Even though you are choosing one character, the game is taking the kit, voice lines, and abilities from another and applying them to the skin you have equipped.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have found a way to make this bug happen; it is completely random after you choose your legend. Given the chaotic nature of choosing a character with particular abilities and getting something else, some players are enamored with this bug and are hoping Respawn Entertainment can spin it off into a unique limited-time mode for the future. Ideas thrown around seem to center on your player choice being a roulette of sorts, where you don’t really know who you are choosing.

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Bugs are not entirely uncommon when it comes to big updates for season drops in live service games. Usually, the problems you run into can seem to stem from server issues, but this one just seems like a random one-off issue that happened in the update files. It is likely that Respawn will have the issue fixed sooner rather than later.