Abandoned Umbreon Rescued From Antique Story By Crafty Pokemon Trainer

Crafty Pokemon Trainer saves Embreon plushie from being a lost cause after finding it in Thrift Store, beautiful results.

Embreon Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company

Everyone remembers the infamous Pillowpets that took over in the early 2000s, whether that was by adults wanting one of their favorite characters or a child wanting to collect up as many as they can. At some point, they even launched a line of nightlights. And as time went on, more collaborations with other companies went into effect.

One of the collaborations that Pillowpet did was with The Pokemon Company. The lineup featured many fan-favorite Pokemon to become their cuddle buddies during the night. While the Pokemon Pillowpets haven’t been available for some time now, they can still be found at local thrift stores.

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Pokemon Thrifter Restores Umbreon Pillowpet That Was Almost A Lost Cause

A Pokemon fan was out hunting for some neat Pokemon stuff in antique stores and thrift stores and found the Pillowpet Umbreon. They then worked to restore the plushie, as it was very dirty. This is something that many people watch on TikTok, the restoration of plushies that were found in rough shape. The crafty Trainer went and washed him real nice and gave him so new stuffing, making him good as new and very adorable.

Scrolling over to the next pictures in the Reddit post, we get to see how much dirt came out of the plushie in the water as it was getting a good wash, then another when the water was completely clean. The pictures are quite funny, as some people in the comments suggested that “The crumpled Umbreon is meme-template worthy.”

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Umbreon is one of the popular Eevee evolutions, and it is really cool to see one of these older Pilowpets out in the wild being saved. Truly a very wholesome sight to see from one Pokemon trainer to the other. Needless to say, maybe more trainers should go on the lookout for these adorable plushies and give them new loving homes like this trainer!