AEW EVP Kenny Omega gives an update on the release date for the upcoming console game

The current AEW Heavyweight Champion talked about what wrestling fans can expect.

Image via AEW Games

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Last month during the AEW 2.Show, All Elite Wrestling executive vice president Champion Kenny Omega told fans that he hoped to give an update in the near future regarding a release date for the wrestling company’s console game. Omega has done just that in recent days, thanks to an interview that the current AEW Champion did with TalkSPORT. He spoke a bit about when gamers can expect the new title to launch.

Omega told the outlet that the console game’s launch is not imminent at this time. The AEW Heavyweight Champion, did say, however, that the game is not years away. Instead, fans should expect the game to be released sometime within a year or so. Although, Omega prefaced it by saying that this particular timeline for a Q1 2022 launch date would be “in a perfect world.”

Regarding the development of the game, Omega told TalkSPORT that AEW has two teams, one in the U.S. and one in Japan, working on the game. He wants to make sure that the game does not have a buggy release, unlike other games such as Street Fighter V and Cyberpunk 2077, which have had problems during the post-launch phase.

During the interview, Omega talked about some of the challenges that have come with developing the game. The AEW EVP said that he wants the game to feel like the wrestling games of old, but wants to make sure that it is still reflective of the current wrestling style. Omega noted that AEW has wrestlers with many different styles and that the new engine needs to be able to reflect and handle those differences. Despite all of this, Omega feels that Yukes! and the game developers are “close” to doing just that.