After three years, Epic Games Store gets cart functionality

You can now buy in bulk, just in time for the holidays.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games announced Thursday that the Epic Games Store now has cart functionality, allowing users to buy items in bulk for the first time in the service’s three-year-long history. The company announced the new feature on its website, where it explained how the cart system works.

In short, it functions exactly as you would expect a cart system would. Every game now has an “add to cart” option on its store page, and you can view your cart at any time by clicking the “cart” menu located in the upper-right-hand corner of the launcher. For the past few years, you could only purchase/redeem items on Epic’s store one at a time — it made purchasing multiple items during sales, or trying to redeem the service’s multitude of free games a little tedious.

Roughly an hour prior to the announcement, the Twitter accounts for the Epic Games Store and Fortnite teased that cart functionality was coming via an exchange started by the latter reminiscing on carts in Fortnite.

The Epic Games Store launched three years ago in December 2018, and it has been often criticized for its limited amount of features compared to other digital storefronts, particularly Steam. Epic has quelled some of these criticisms throughout this past year by adding achievements, and now cart functionality. According to the store’s Trello board, more features, including user reviews, support for additional payment methods, and the ability to gift games are being worked on for the future.