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Against the Storm’s latest update improves logistics and reveals a foxy new species

The update improves logistics to make workers more efficient.

In its latest update, Against the Storm receives improvements to worker logistics, a shift in the favoring meta, various improvements, and the announcement of a brand new race. Foxes won out in the community poll, so the new race will be themed around these devious little mammals.

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Developer Eremite Games named this latest version of the game the Favoring Update. That’s because the main issue it attempts to address is species favoring in each run in this roguelike city builder. Every species has its own requirements, and until today it’s been easier to favor one over the others to make life easy for yourself and avoid losing too many workers. However, Eremite Games wants this to change, so this update implements a number of changes to level the playing field, so to speak. It wants feedback on these changes, but using multiple species should work much better now, avoiding the need to lean into one over the others.

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Image via Eremite Games

Of course, the best news this update delivers is that of the new species coming in the future. The results of a recent community poll mean that the next species being added to Against the Storm will be foxes. As you can see in the concept art above, these curious creatures have been given a rainpunk overhaul for the game and will be the fifth species you can use when they’re added this April.

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The final big news of this update relates to logistics. We’ve all been there, watching workers travel across the entire map to get resources that should be in a building much closer to them. This update changes the way worker logic looks for resources, meaning they’ll look in other nearby buildings for what they need instead of the nearest warehouse, which might be by your Hub. You can even track where they’re looking with the handy new UI.

Image via Eremite Games

While this update feels light on new features, the bug fixes and improvements it makes will be immediately felt by anyone playing the game today. We recommend reading through the full patch notes if you’re interested in the specific changes.

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