Alan Wake Developer Provides Updates on Control 2, Max Payne Remakes, & New IPs

Remedy Entertainment has several projects on the go, ranging from remakes to new IPs. They shared more details with investors about what’s to come


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Hot off the heels of Alan Wake 2’s success, Remedy Entertainment’s future looks to be a busy and potentially fruitful one. Today, the developer shared details with investors on several projects in the works at the studio, including sequels, remakes, and a new multiplayer IP.

To get people excited about what’s to come from the studio, Remedy provided news in relation to the Control sequel and its multiplayer spin-off project, codenamed Condor. However, one of the standout pieces of information from this investor call was an update on the announced remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

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Remedy Shares Details on Remakes and Several Other Projects as Different Stages of Development

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In an investor announcement released today by the developer, Remedy’s CEO Tero Virtala made mention of several projects the team has in the works. In the comments, Virtala states that the Max Payne Remakes have progressed into their “production readiness stage” and that they now have a “clear style and scope” of what these games will be and have a well-organized team working on the remakes. This means that the game is entering its main production, so it’s likely in the next year or so, we could hear or see some more details on the remakes.

In addition, Virtala also spoke about several other projects, including Control 2, the sequel to the 2019 hit, which is still in its proof-of-concept stage and will likely be a few years before we see anything concrete from the “ambitious” title. There was also information on Condor, a new co-op multiplayer title that is a spin-off game of Control. This project has also reached its production readiness stage and will soon begin full production. It will be the first live service-style title that Remedy has created.

Lastly, the developers are working on a title called Codename Vanguard, with the only details being that the team is “defining the next stages of the project with our publishing partner.” Along with all these revelations, the post also details the company’s earnings, some of the year’s business highlights, and their future plans.

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It seems like Remedy will be very busy with all these different titles. If the recent success of Alan Wake 2 is anything to go by, the studio is in a very good position to have some great games released over the next few years that players can look forward to.