Amazon Games set to take on a fourth MMO by publishing NCSOFT’s Throne and Liberty

Sitting on a throne of MMOs.

Image via NCSOFT

Amazon Games seems to love their massively multiplayer RPGs, as they are now set to launch yet another one in the West and Japan. Earlier today, the game publisher announced that it has reached an agreement to publish NCSOFT’s upcoming MMO Throne and Liberty in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. With three other MMOs under its belt, it is becoming ever clearer that the publisher really wants the genre to flourish, and working with the Guild Wars 2 developer is definitely a good bet.

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Throne and Liberty is an MMO that combines story-driven adventure and action combat. The game plans to set itself apart from other popular MMOs by having a vast world with constantly shifting geographical and environmental features that affect how players will navigate and interact with the world. There will be massive-scale PvP and PvE combat that can be manipulated by weather disasters or player transformations.

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The game was originally intended to be part of the Lineage series as a sequel to the first game, but it grew into its own world over development. Surprisingly, Throne and Liberty has technically been in development since November of 2011 but was delayed and repurposed multiple times before being entirely rebooted.

Amazon Games has had a lot of success with bringing foreign games to the West. Lost Ark was a mega-hit for the company and still retains a large player base. The publisher is also set to release another MMO this year called Blue Protocol, and New World still retains a presence within the MMO community. NCSOFT’s Guild Wars 2 is a thriving MMO in its own right, so Throne and Liberty could just be the next big hit.