An E3 cancellation announcement could be incoming

Nothing is official, but many are reporting E3 will not happen this year.


While unknown at this time, many game journalists on Twitter have come forward saying they are receiving reports from their many industry contacts that an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) cancellation announcement is imminent.

The news began to truly trickle out following an announcement from developers Devolver Digital’s Twitter page tweeted out, “Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, ya’ll.”

The news comes in the wake of the past few months, where all over the world, people are reporting the rapid spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Other reports include industry veteran Mike Futter, previously a news editor of Game Informer tweeted, “My day started with investigating some E3 stuff. Ended with multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) sources coming my way. E3 cancelation announcement scheduled for tmw AM. I don’t think it will hold the night. Many of us have been engaged by sources this evening. Cancel your plans.”

The Entertainment Software Association, the group behind E3, first mentioned in a statement they were monitoring the situation a little while ago and said it was “monitoring and evaluating the situation daily.” Given the number of social events being canceled, such as the set Pokémon Go Safari Zone for St. Louis and Riot Games moving the League of Legend Mid-season Invitational to July, an E3 cancelation was almost expected. 

We can expect to learn more details from the Entertainment Software Association when they come forward with an official statement. For now, we can merely speculate as those with personal contacts share their insights about what they’re hearing.