An iconic Street Fighter sound effect has been sourced back to Adam West’s Batman, of all things

Adam West will forever be an icon.

Image via Capcom

Ever since it was first released in 1987, the Street Fighter series has often been recognized for its iconic sound effects that can be heard whenever players are in a match. From Ryu’s famous “Hadouken” tagline to the frequently used “Perfect” sample on hip-hop tracks, Capcom’s fighting game franchise is filled to the brim with random catchphrases that remain relevant to this day.

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Although most of the audio heard in Street Fighter titles was presumably created by Capcom, some seem to be taken from other notable forms of media. According to Naughty Dog senior character artist Del Walker, the “Let’s Go” sound effect from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, which occurs whenever your super bar gets charged, is actually a line from Adam West’s 1966 Batman TV show.

The short video attached to the tweet initially shows a fight between two classic characters, Akuma and Ryu. Immediately after one of the character’s super bars had become charged, a faint “Let’s Go” from the in-game commentator could slightly be heard over the din of battle.

The same snippet then transitions into a digital audio workstation sequence wherein the user shows how the original line from Adam West was distorted and altered until it became the recognizable Street Fighter sound effect.

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Many Twitter users in the original tweet comment section speculated that the sound effect was intentionally included due to the game’s street theme. Luckily, Walker would confirm that the audio clip was indeed included on purpose since the whole 3rd Strike soundtrack uses samples from hip-hop and jazz songs.