Marisa, Manon, and Deejay get physical in new high-def developer gameplay for Street Fighter 6

A colorful clash of titans.

Image via Capcom

Capcom has blessed its fans with a couple of high-definition developer matches featuring four of Street Fighter 6’s unique characters. The two gameplay videos, which were posted on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel, showed just how graphically sophisticated the upcoming title is.

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The first clip, which was posted on January 23, showcased a fight between bulky bruiser Marisa and bewitching judoist Manon. The distinct fighting styles of each heroine were put on full display throughout the entirety of the video.

Marisa’s hard-hitting technique was especially evident as each blow that she successfully landed on her opponent shook the screen with an equal amount of force. On the other side, Manon’s grace and fluid movement stood in stark contrast to the relentless strength that her rival displayed.

Once they began to battle each other in what was seemingly a fight between beauty and brawn, certain attacks would surround a character with mono-colored ink smears that indicated the heavy amount of damage that these strikes could deal. As the battle approached its climax, it was fully apparent that strength would win over speed this time around as Marisa stood victorious over her unconscious foe.

The next developer match uploaded on YouTube featured notable yoga master Dhalsim and popular dance superstar Dee Jay. Instead of it being a battle of polar opposites, their fighting styles seemed almost similar as both displayed incredible feats of agility and uncanny limb control.

As they began their fight, Dhalsim exhibited his iconic stretch strikes. Dee Jay, however, was seemingly unbothered as he proceeded to dance around his Stretch Armstrong-like adversary. In the end, Dhalsim was unfortunately unable to handle the funk as he became overwhelmed by the power of dance.

Viewers that watched each of the two matches were predictably excited as these videos fully showcased Capcom’s effort and the amount that it took to raise what was an already high fighting game bar.