Animal Crossing: New Horizons animals can wear long sleeves

Now animals can wrap up in the cold weather.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get ready to bring even more of a personal touch to your world as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about to get long in the sleeves as it’s been revealed that animals can now wear long-sleeve clothing.

In all previous entries of the series, whenever an animal was wearing a shirt, they would always be wearing a short sleeve variant of that clothing. However, the reveal of the new detail, which was made by Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan in their March issue and posted online by blog site Japanese Nintendo, confirms that animals on this occasion can wear clothes in the game in their intended, long sleeve form as the scan from below shows sweaters, coats, dresses, and shirts all appearing love sleeve. 

Animal Crossing Animal clothing

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While it’s not necessarily a significant addition to the game in the grand scheme, it does present additional customisation options throughout the game that are available and continues to ooze personality out of its colorful, anthropomorphic cast.

There is also due to be two more reveals coming later this month, with TV Game magazine on Jan. 31 and CoroCoro magazine on Feb. 15, also promising some juicy new details for the game that will add to the game’s revealed information. Based on this reveal, we’d expect a small, unannounced feature to come from each of these too.