Apex Legends cinematic reveals its first trans woman Legend and a new map for Season 15

The incoming season will be more significant than ever imagined.

Image via EA

Apex Legends is just a few weeks away from reaching its fifteenth season, and it will be celebrating this impressive milestone in a few major ways. A new cinematic centered around the game’s lore tells the story of its new Legend Catalyst and her friend’s mission to save the moon they are living on. However, when their plan takes a turn for the worst, Catalyst escapes to what seemingly is Apex Legends’ new map for Season 15: Eclipse.

In the latest episode of Apex Legends’ Stories of the Outlands miniseries, Catalyst (who also goes by Tressa) is first shown speaking to Rampant on an unknown planet, examining a collection of mysterious crystals. Upon touching one, the footage quickly cuts to a flashback of Catalyst and a group of witches discussing how Hammond Robotics is mining and destroying Cleo, the moon of their home planet Boreas.

However, there is something more powerful than new lore to be found in this episode. Catalyst tells one witch, Margot, that while transitioning has also been hard, “I feel like the whole world opened up, now that I’m myself.” The revelation and wholesome message certainly bring a new level of emotion not seen in Stories of the Outlands before. More importantly, this confirms Catalyst as the first openly trans woman character in Apex Legends.

Catalyst and Margot then eagerly decide to break into Hammond’s facilities on their own, only to be met by the company’s armed security. To the Legend’s surprise, Margot ultimately opts to detonate a bomb next to her in a swift attempt to sacrifice herself for Cleo. The flashback unfortunately ends there, as Catalyst is found in the present day looking over her “true home” Cleo, which is made up of nothing but mountains and shrubbery. According to a new blog post from publisher Electronic Arts, this is players’ first look at Season 15’s new battle royale map, Stellar, a location that is said to “live in Boreas’ shadow.”

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via Apex Legends’ YouTube channel

Although the trailer did not showcase the Catalyst’s abilities, it has only been revealed she will release as a defensive Legend who can use ferrofluid to terraform and “manipulate the battlefield.” A newly announced launch trailer is now scheduled to go live on Thursday, October 20 and may dispel more information surrounding the content coming to Season 15 on November 1. In the meantime, players still have time to experience the game’s ongoing Fright or Fight extravaganza, an event with new store offerings and a different featured LTM each week.