How to get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

Are you going to strike it rich?

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Apex Legends has multiple limited-time events occurring throughout the game. These events typically feature an array of iconic skins and events you can go through while playing the game. Some players have been noticing a golden ticket appearing in the game, and they’re not quite sure what to do with it or how to get it. What you’re going to be doing with the golden ticket likely has something to do with an upcoming map, but getting them will be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends.

Where to find a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

The only way to obtain a golden ticket comes to finding them on the map, and they only appear when you locate a replicator. You can’t go through this process with every replicator you encounter. Instead, you need to find a replicator with a golden symbol above it, which is different from the traditional blue one.

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When you arrive at the replicator with a golden symbol, interact with it as you would any other replicator, and a golden ticket will be one of the options for you to craft. You will need to use 125 Crafting Materials to crate this item. Because of the high cost of this item, we highly recommend locating multiple Supply Bins and Harvesters and grabbing as many Materials as you can before trying to track down a replicator with a golden symbol.

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Not only do you earn a golden ticket for completing the transaction, but you also receive a legendary-tier weapon for completing it. Although the ticket is priced at a high value, the additional weapon makes the exchange extremely worthwhile. Now, make sure to craft as many golden tickets as you can before the arrival of the map, which should happen on October 19.