Apex Legends Fight Night event will bring a Pathfinder-centric Stories from the Outlands

Pathfinder lore incoming.

Pathfinder SftO

Apex Legends would not be the game it is without its story setting it apart from other battle royale titles. Fans of the character Pathfinder should be especially excited that he is the next character to be getting an animated short in the Stories from the Outlands series of videos on the Apex Legends YouTube channel. EA’s website has been updated to feature a page with a video link set to go live Tuesday, December 29.

The video embed, while it is not live yet, has the caption “Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully — not everyone makes it twelve rounds.”

Not everyone makes it twelve rounds...
Image via Respawn

When the video goes live, there is a good chance that we will also get the start date of the Fight Night Collection Event itself, but that remains to be seen.