Apex Legends Players Explain Why They Use Pro Player Loadouts

Many players automatically opt to use pro player loadouts in Apex Legends, but until now it’s not been obvious now.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has grown over the years to become an incredibly popular battle royale title and esport in ALGS. Its community adores the game and keeps on getting bigger year upon year as new Legends are added, and the meta is tweaked to keep the game fair on every level.

Hot off the heels of the ALGS Championship 2023, players have come together today to explain why they use pro player loadouts in their game instead of learning what works for them. The resulting conversation is enlightening, showing that the community is about more than optimal strategy and plays.

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Fans Explain Why They Use Pro Player Loadouts in Apex Legends

A recent post on the Apex Legends Subreddit openly asked the community if they actively use pro player loadouts, and if so, why. We know players in other competitive shooters do this, but until we read the responses, it wasn’t clear why.

One comment outlines the reasoning very succinctly. “People want to get kills, and the pros have spent a lot of time working out which guns are best for getting kills with. Can’t really blame people for following the meta. Though also, I think there’s enough gun balance that for most people using off-meta guns isn’t going to put you at any great disadvantage.”

The players who qualify for ALGS have thousands of hours in Apex Legends. They use that time to see what other players are using and determine which guns are optimal for every match. While there will be some variation based on their strengths in-game, most of what they find will define the meta for the community.

While speaking with Genburten of DarkZero during last week’s ALGS event, he told us that the pros learn the new meta very quickly with each balance change the developers make. They simply spend too much time in the game to not understand exactly which guns are the best to use.

Pro players use Legends that work well for teams because they need to give themselves the biggest advantage. That’s why so many players opt to use the ones pros pick. However, even with an optimal Legend and gun meta, the community agrees that there’s still space for personal preference.

One fan commented, “The volt slaps and no one can change my mind.” The response shows the difference between those playing how they want to, and those who think the meta, as defined by pros, is the only way to go. “Exactly my point as well, volt is really good but the randoms I get complain that I’m not using meta weapons.”