TSM Wins Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023

TSM has won the ALGS Championship 2023. After a stunning match 8 of the competition, TSM emerged victorious, but also humbled.

algs 2023 winners trophy

Image via Gamepur

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship 2023 is finally over. After a thrilling week of non-stop action, one team has finally been crowned as the best of the best for this year’s tournament, TSM. Every team has worked hard this year to secure a place in the Finals, but only one could win in this intense competition.

The ALGS Championship 2023 has been running since September 6, with five full days of Apex Legends matches between the best teams in the world. Fans arrived this afternoon to watch the biggest finals the esport has seen to date, concluding with an epic match that saw fans go wild.

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TSM Fights Their Way to Become Winners at the ALGS Championship 2023

TSM has won the ALGS Championship 2023, and they did so in style. The team wasn’t even close to being on matchpoint for a good few matches, while Optic Gaming was well ahead of everyone. However, come match 8, TSM managed to get themselves into an advantageous position on the map and conquer everyone else.

The final moments of the match were the tensest we’ve seen in any Apex Legends event. After Optic Gaming was taken out, TSM had to work hard behind a wall to prepare for a fight against SAF Esports, but they won. They’re incredibly happy to have won the competition, and for Verhulst, it must be the perfect conclusion to an event where he’s also been given the first-ever EA Positive Play Award.

Imperial Hal said in a post-match interview that he wanted to achieve his goals of playing in front of his family and being the best player in Apex Legends in the world. Today, he checked both those boxes, so he must feel pretty pleased and on a high that will last until ALGS Year 4.

The ALGS Championship 2023 is the culmination of every Apex Legends esport event this year. The teams have battled through Split 1 and 2 Playoffs as well as other minor events to grab a place in qualifiers. The Championship is where it all counts, though, and every team here has put in the effort, given it their all, and should be proud of the fact that they got here at all.