Apex Legends players fear that Newcastle’s abilities will make Lifeline irrelevant

Time for a rework.

Image via Apex Legends YouTube

As Apex Legends continues to grow in popularity so will its extensive roster of playable Legends. While expanding the roster of Legends and giving players new ways to compete in the Apex games is always a good thing, some older Legends tend to be forgotten about and fall below the curve. One of these Legends is Lifeline, a support and healing focused character that has had very little work done to her over the years, leading her to be outclassed by several of the more recent Legends.

The newest Legend, Newcastle, almost seems to be in direct competition with Lifeline as his abilities somewhat match Lifeline’s kit, only they do it better. For example, Newcastle’s passive ability Retrieve the Wounded allows you to revive downed allies as you drag them to cover and protect them with your revive shield. This ability is very similar to an older version of Lifelines passive that was since removed due to it previously being too strong.

Furthermore, Newcastle’s mobile shield tactical ability is essentially a reworked version of Lifeline’s old ability that would deploy a shield in front of your ally whilst reviving them. This ability gives Newcastle even more effectiveness as a combat medic as he can practically always be protected while assisting a downed ally.

Through the years Lifeline has lost her ability to heal herself faster, revive quicker, and apply cover to those that she is reviving. Currently, within Apex Legends it is almost always a better idea to pick Gibraltar over Lifeline as he has the ability to revive faster within his Dome of Protection shield. With the addition of Newcastle as well, it really seems that Lifeline is being left out as a support Legend.

The Apex Legends community has continued asking for a rework or a large buff to Lifeline to bring her up to standards when compared to other Legends, but there is still no news on whether or not Lifeline will be getting any major changes with the release of Season 13: Saviors.