This Apex Legends revival bug could be causing your downfall

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Predators has steadily been including more content for the game as time has gone on, while also staying free of any major bugs. However, players have recently begun reporting a bug that is causing unnecessary deaths more frequently.

The bug is in relation to revives, either of teammates or self-revives, where during the revive process, the timer could randomly reset back to the beginning, forcing players to start the revive again. This adds vital seconds to the revival process, which can be the difference between staying alive and an enemy team rushing you.

It’s currently not clear how much the issue is affecting all platforms, but it has definitely been confirmed on the console platforms as a growing concern.

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It has been a fairly infrequent issue previously, but it has been severe enough that players have questioned whether their controller is at fault when it would appear to be a game bug. A Reddit post by user VlauderLauder highlights an example of the bug in action. It shows a video of the player attempting a self revive, and with about one second left, the timer resets. The player has enough time to get up but is almost instantly rushed by the opposition.

Revive glitch is the most crucial problem right now, it needs an urgent fix from r/apexlegends

Many other users have confirmed that the issue is present in the thread. Some users even believed it may have been caused by user error.

The game’s third competitive season is currently winding down, but yesterday the devs launched the game’s latest event, The Grand Soirée, adding new features and opportunities. However, there was no word on when the new season is due to begin, and no fix for the issue of revival was included in the patch.