Apex Legends Season 8 launch trailer gives peek at Fuse’s abilities, new Kings Canyon

The Canyon of the kings has officially been obliterated.

Screengrab via Apex Legends’s YouTube channel

Earlier this week, the Apex Legends community received its first look at upcoming legend, Fuse, and only a tease that Kings Canyon may never be the same again. Now, the new Season 8 launch trailer delivers some much-needed visuals for what players will be seeing in just a few weeks.

As the name indicates, Fuse will be a bombastic new character with a handful of abilities centered around launching explosives. The latest footage first shows Fuse tossing grenades around with an oversized blaster, but then reveals that he has a quick-fire rocket launcher attached to his robotic arm.

As exciting as he may be, the most dramatic introduction is that of a newly reshaped Kings Canyon. The video tells of a massive explosion turning the game’s oldest map into a war-torn wasteland. It didn’t examine what this means for each notable location, but it’d be no shock if some buildings aren’t left intact.

In the current season, Kings Canyon has only been available for limited times, but it appears this iteration will now be here to stay. Season 8, along with these additions (and subtractions?), will come to all of its supported platforms on February 2.