Apex Legends server stability issues will be fixed in two waves

Fixes are coming.


Since the launch of the Evolution Collection Event, Apex Legends has been ridden with crashes, errors, and endless loading screens. Respawn, the team behind Apex Legends, is well aware of the plethora of server issues present in the game currently and is working on a series of fixes. Currently, all of the server issues continue to persist as they have the first two days of the event. However, fixes are on the way.

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The first set of fixes, which will be a typical hotfix to hopefully patch out some of the problems, will go live tomorrow (September 16). The rest of the issues, however, will need more time to come together.

The developer will be working on a bigger and more substantial set of fixes through the weekend (September 18 and September 19). Hopefully, the fix will come either one of those days or with the start of the new week. It is not yet known if players will receive any type of compensation for dealing with the server issues or if the event will be elongated. Hopefully the fixes tomorrow will at least make the game stable enough to get some good games in.