Apex Legends will launch on Nintendo Switch in February with Season 8: Mayhem

Soon players can bring Apex Legends with them anywhere they go.


Rumors have been floating around left and right for the past year or so about when Apex Legends was going to make it to the Nintendo Switch. We got a notice in the summer of 2020 that it may come with the Steam launch, but that never happened. That said, we finally got some clarity on the subject today.

Apex Legends will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in February, with the release of the new season, Season 8: Mayhem.

Edit: The official Nintendo Switch launch date is March 9

While the release date information was not given out on the Apex Legends YouTube English iteration, it was in many translations: Japanese, Russian, and Danish. This is most likely due to the developers deciding to keep the release a secret, but after they already gave the original announcement over to their translation team.

The release date was later deleted, indicating that this information was released too early, and was a slip-up. It wouldn’t surprise us if we got the official announcement in the coming week. There is always the possibility the removal could be because the release was delayed again, but there is no direct indication of that.

There is no word yet on if there will be cross-progression added, but if it is, it will likely only be between Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Origin for the time being. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will reveal more information soon.