Apple Music launches as an integrated app on PS5

Music to our ears.

Screenshot via PlayStation YouTube

Apple Music officially launches today as a fully-integrated app on PlayStation 5. This news doesn’t come as a total surprise, however, as the app’s testing phase was leaked (via Reddit) earlier this month.

Sony’s director of product management Erin Metzger provides a rundown over on the PlayStation Blog of everything PS5 users can expect when using Apple Music. Those who are already subscribed to Apple Music can now access “more than 90 million songs [and] tens of thousands of curated playlists,” along with 4K music videos, Apple Music Radio, and your own personalized playlists. Just navigate to the PS5’s Media space, download the Apple Music app, and link your account via the on-screen instructions.

Similar to the Spotify app’s functionality, players can use Apple Music to listen to music in the background during gameplay. Metzger notes that players can load the app after jumping into a game by pressing the PS button to open the Control Center, then choosing the Music Function card. The app offers music recommendations tailored to the player’s current game, or players can choose their own brand of music.

The Apple Music app also boasts a seamless transition between music videos and gameplay, as the music will continue to play in the background with no interruption when transitioning to and from full screen. As of now, PS5 is “the first gaming console to introduce an integrated Apple Music experience.” You may want to give it a try if you’ve been able to snag a PlayStation 5.