Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update 1.2 to debut Ostara Festival, new camera option

Update 1.2 looks to catch Eivor’s good side, while also giving weapons a makeover.

Image via Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s next big event will finally land on all supported consoles later this week. Thanks to March 16’s update 1.2, players will soon witness the beginning of the Ostara Festival. Furthermore, this patch is also said to be implementing a few major settings that will alter how Eivor and their weapons are seen.

In the RPG’s latest patch, players will now be given in-game support for Season Two’s Ostara Festival — set to officially launch on March 18. Ubisoft has been relatively quiet as to what the event may hold, but has hinted that it is bundled in with “unique side activities (such as egg hunts), and special rewards.” Alongside this, three more never-before-seen skills will be released in update 1.2, including one apparently allowing ravens to fetch arrows.

Visually, the patch will be premiering a new camera angle by way of the “close camera option,” a setting which zooms closer onto Eivor when they are not in combat. Speaking of viewpoints, there will also be a new “Transmog” feature at Gunner’s blacksmith, which ultimately lets players change the appearance of any weapon or equipment for 50 silver.

As always, this next update is looking to crackdown on some of the biggest bugs interfering with quests. Moreover, it will turn its attention to issues involving the River Raid mode, implementing over 30 new fixes to provide smoother activities and UI.

Update 1.2 will be available to download on March 16 at 8 AM ET and 11 PM PT. Although it is expected to be almost 18 GB for Xbox Series X/S owners, the patch will come in at around 13 GB for all other platforms. For those interested in everything packaged in with update 1.2, its official patch notes have been published on Ubisoft’s website.