Avatar: Generations, an Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG, has soft-launched in four countries

An Avatar MMO is also on the way.

Image via Square Enix Montreal and Navigator Games

Navigator Games announced that Avatar: Generations, an Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG, has received soft launches in four countries. The four countries with access to Avatar: Generations are Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden. The game is a collaboration between Paramount Studios, Square’s mobile-focused studio in London, and Navigator Games. When Square announced the formation of its new mobile-focused studio, games based on Avatar: The Last Airbender were reported to be in production.

Four titles based on The Last Airbender are in various degrees of development by Paramount Pictures, including a console RPG and an MMORPG. Currently, only the first chapter of Generations is available to people in Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden. The first chapter focuses on the original characters from the first Last Airbender TV show — Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Zuko. Future chapters will center on different characters from other periods of the Avatar World, including Korra and Kyoshi. Generations uses cel-shaded, 3D graphics and is available on iOS and Android. It’s unknown when Generations will release in other parts of the world.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise takes place in a world where humans can control one of the four elements — Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. There’s one being who can master all four elements; this is The Avatar. The first series focuses on Aang, the then-current reincarnation of The Avatar and the Last Airbender in the world. Aang wakes up after being frozen for over a hundred years and needs to master the four elements to end the global war with the Fire Nation. The series received acclaim for its anime-based animation and thoughtful story, leading to several spin-offs, including a direct sequel called Korra. Besides the video games, there are other Avatar-related media in production, including a live-action TV show on Netflix.