Avowed is reportedly much larger than Skyrim, has bosses and planned release window

First leaked details on gameplay.

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Image via Microsoft

According to a new rumor, verified by well known Xbox enthusiast Klobrille, Avowed is aiming for a late 2022-early 2023 release window. The game is said to be “fully open-world,” something relatively new to Obsidian Entertainment since the Fallout: New Vegas days, and to have been worked on for around two years now.

That isn’t surprising at all, as we’ve known for more than one year that the studio behind The Outer Worlds was already on something different. 

According to this information, the title is set to be “much much larger than Skyrim,” and that also means “denser” and “more contrasted.” 

The dialogue would be presented dynamically, while the gameplay would allow you to kill everyone, whether they’re friends or foes. The main location would be set in the Living Lands region of Eora, based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.

Avowed would be coming with a real-time weather system, including fog, and a very advanced character creation tool.

The game is reportedly introducing boss battles with some of them being “very very large” and, respecting Pillars of Eternity‘s lore, gods will have a prominent role in the story. That has already been confirmed in a way, as we know it takes place in the world of PoE.

Two large cities are said to be planned with “many smaller ones,” on top of wild areas, rivers players would be able to swim through, mountains and desolated areas.

We can’t confirm the details included in this rumor, but that doesn’t look particularly fancy or not in line with the expectations for a new AAA RPG from Obsidian.

The game was revealed for the first time at last week’s Xbox Games Showcase but didn’t show proper gameplay.

The CGI trailer ended without a release date nor window but claimed it would be coming for PC and Xbox Series X.