Babylon’s Fall drops to sub 10 total players on PC

Babylon’s Fall has hit a new low for the PC.

Babylon's Fall

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are some games that society just seems to forget about as soon as it releases, and it looks like Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall is the latest to join that list. The title released and did not make a splash on the sales charts, and just a month after its initial launch, it has reached a new low on PC.

According to the SteamCharts — a website that is dedicated to tracking player counts and other facts about games on Steam, the global player count for Babylon’s Fall fell to just 8 players worldwide on April 12th. The highest player count the game ever received was just 1,166 players.

For a game published by Square Enix and developed by Platinum Games, we can’t imagine a scenario where things could have gone worse. Back in March, a free demo was put out for the game which itself only reached a peak of 30 players. The development studio must have noticed the initial reaction to the launch because, not to long after it was released, a Tweet was sent out out with a survey asking how the game can be improved.

It’s one thing for a game to fall to the wayside compared to all of the other great games out there since there have been plenty of hidden gems that have flown under the radar do to bigger releases, but eventually find an audience. It certainly doesn’t look like Babylon’s Fall will one of those games.