Back 4 Blood’s December update adds solo campaign, Roving Merchants, Burn Cards, and more

Fort Hope has also received a festive makeover.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Developer Turtle Rock Studios has released a free update for Back 4 Blood that adds a host of new content, including the previously promised solo campaign. Here players can earn supply points, achievements, and several other unlockables, which will carry over to the online campaign mode.

It also introduces Roving Merchants, which will regularly rotate. They are effectively supply lines where players can spend their hard-earned Supply Points for new rewards. The first Roving Merchant is called 34th Street and sells seasonal character skins, weapon skins, emblems, and sprays. It will also feature a festive track that includes holiday items like a reindeer antler headband for Holly and a snow hat for Doc.

Another new feature is Burn Cards, which are also available through Roving Merchants. Players can use these cards in each saferoom to activate temporary effects. These include boosts like instant healing, extra currency, and enhanced resistance.

To celebrate the festive season, Fort Hope has received a holiday-themed makeover with plenty of decorations to brighten up the place. Elsewhere, players can now adjust music tracks on the Jukebox with a slider while the Recruit, Veteran, and Nightmare difficulty levels have received tweaks to ensure they’re balanced.