Battlefield 2042 adds 64-player matches to all versions of the game

Sometimes less is more.

Image via EA

Since launch, the maximum player count for Battlefield 2042 has varied between versions of the game. PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S players have been engaging in massive 64-on-64 matches, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One crowd was relegated to 32-on-32 battles.

Now that smaller scramble is available on the newer consoles and PC too. As announced by Battlefield Direct Communication on Twitter, PS5 and Series X/S gamers can jump into 64-player Conquest and Breakthrough games “for a limited time.” Responses to the announcement vary from gratefulness to confusion as to why this is only available for a limited time, but that is the case — and we don’t know when it’ll expire. The thread also confirms that the featured Rush playlist will be running “through the holidays.”

This isn’t the first time Battlefield 2042 has dealt with a decreased player count, although the other time isn’t really a good thing. The game’s Steam player base has dropped 70% since launch. It’s certainly harder to fill two 64-person teams with fewer players overall.

Changes are coming to the Battlefield series though. Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella is the new franchise head. On top of that, EA reportedly wants the next Battlefield game to be a hero shooter, which could be a major departure from the big-team battles the series is known for.