What is the maximum player count and server size in Battlefield 2042?

Grab your friends.

With Battlefield 2042 officially revealed, we have information to share about the upcoming title from DICE. A constant source of interest for gamers has been the server size of the Battlefield series, and questions were being asked as to whether the player count would be expanding this time around.

The answer is yes, on both PC and next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S. Players counts across the platforms will be capped as follows:

  • PC – Max 128 per server
  • Xbox Series X and S – Max 128 per server
  • PlayStation 5 – Max 128 per server
  • Xbox One and Xbox One X – 64 players per server
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro – 64 players per server

PC and next generation consoles will also have access to what are called “massive-scale maps”. These are the largest possible map sizes in the game, while current gen PS4 and Xbox One players will be playing on reduced sized maps. This is partially down to the lower player counts, but the reality is that everything is just limited by the processing power of the older consoles.

The larger maps will feature in both the Conquest and Breakthrough modes that will form the core gameplay experience for the 128 player modes.

At the moment, EA or DICE have no released information about how the expect the game to run on next generation consoles, and whether playing on 128 players servers will require a reduction in frame rates or resolution on the next generation consoles.