Battlefield 2042 adds daily missions, Vehicle TDM mode for Portal

Here comes the daily Battlegrind.

Hazard Zone Battlefield 2042 guide

Image via DICE

In the December 2 update for Battlefield 2042, developer DICE will continue rolling out the numerous bug fixes, feature additions, and balance tweaks promised after the game’s less-than-ideal launch. In addition to all that good stuff, Battlefield 2042 players will also get more tools to use in the game’s Portal editor, and new ways to gain account XP and currency.

The latter has been something of a sore point for the Battlefield 2042 community. Immediately after launch, numerous XP-farming lobbies opened up in Portal, allowing players to quickly unlock items in Battlefield 2042’s granular progression system by mindlessly shooting bots.

Seeing that players were instantly grinding out items meant to unlock after dozens of hours of gameplay, DICE instituted hard caps on XP gain in Portal, while leaving some soft ways of farming XP on the table. To help the more impatient players, DICE is adding daily missions and other small tweaks to the game’s progression, including a daily 1000 Dark Market Credits first-match bump for Hazard Zone.

Update 3 will go live in Battlefield 2042 on December 2, bringing the aforementioned daily missions, gameplay improvements and bug fixes, and a new game mode for Portal: Vehicle Team Deathmatch. Like every other Portal blueprint, Vehicle TDM can be further tweaked using the Logic editor.