How to grind XP in Battlefield Portal


With the launch of Battlefield 2042, Portal players can now experience the equipment and maps that made Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield V famous. In addition, the portal allows you to seamlessly mesh the eras, utilizing the other games maps and equipment. While in the portal, you can earn experience playing the various modes on offer, but unfortunately, you are limited on how much you can make while within the portal. The question to ask now is what is the most optimal way to get this XP, and in this guide, we will go over how to grind for it effectively.

You are limited on how much XP you can earn in a given Portal session, and playing the base game modes will net you more in the long run than playing within the Portal suite. We have found a more lucrative way to earn copious amounts of XP to level you up to unlock the additional weapons and equipment the game offers within the core game.

To start, queue up into the Breakthrough mode in the All Out Warfare section of the menu. Once you enter the match, follow these steps.

  • Select Casper as your specialist.
  • Position yourself in a safe spot away from the prying eyes of any enemy snipers.
  • Deploy Casper’s Drone. Fly near the enemy team and spot them (The drone will also spot targets for you automatically if you are close enough).
  • In the event of your drone being destroyed, wait for it to come back up and repeat.

While doing these steps, you will begin to see the XP start to pool in and additional ribbons that will net you extra XP. If standing in one place for long periods isn’t your thing, then utilize the Proximity Sensor grenades as an alternative. Another fun thing you could do is equip C5 to the drone and attempt to take out vehicles in the area, netting you a sizable XP chunk.